"We Lose Count of the Days".

Blakeley Fred, Dream Millions. sub title to Chapter 24.


A complete chronology of daily events concerning the Lasseter saga is set out in Sullivan's Diary, starting from 12/10/29 when Lasseter first mentioned the reef in a letter to Texas Green, to 10/12/31 when Bob Buck signed off the papers for the second C.A.G.E expedition.

The chronology has been constructed from state and national archives, press reports, Coote's 'Hell's Airport' and the last third of Philip Taylor's diary, it's a loss to history that the earlier parts of Taylor's records were burnt in the fire at Ayers Rock on 08/11/30. Lasseter's so called diary has little bearing on events as it is undated, hence technically not a diary and 'Lasseter's Last Ride' and Blakeley's 'Dream Millions' are so inaccurate as to be worthless for chronological purposes.

Sullivan's Diary.


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