" Last year Mr. "Das" Lasseter lost his life trying to rediscover the reef,".
Adelaide Advertiser, 21/08/31.


This entry has been prompted by numerous enquiries regarding Lasseter's unusual nickname of 'Das', it also serves as an excellent example of how easily history can be corrupted and once set in print very difficult to correct. But no matter, Harry Lasseter had many names, although he may not have appreciated how mistranslation by the Press of a common German pronoun became yet another name along with Bell, Harold, Herbert, Hubert. Lance, Lewis and Possum.

The misnomer had its beginnings in Hermannsburg when Pastor Albrecht wrote up his journals following his trip to the Ehrenberg Ranges in October 1930. Albrecht arrived at Illbilla on the 6th of October, shortly after the first C.A.G.E. Expedition abandoned the camp, and he noted the signs left by Blakeley asking later travellers to respect the supplies as they had been left for Lasseter who was out prospecting. Still coming to grips with the intricacies of the English language and uncertain of Lasseter's role in the expedition, Albrecht referred to the camp and signs as evidence of 'das Lasseter expedition' or 'the Lasseter expedition'. 

And if the reader cares to enter "das Lasseter" into any common search engine, they will see that the German entries do not capitalise the word as in a name, but use it in the correct sense, that is, the Lasseter of lost reef fame. On reflection, given his monstrous ego, Lasseter may not have approved of being pronouned. Lasseter never named himself as 'Das' Lasseter. 

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