183. MICKY.
"He sat up on the roof of my Thorneycroft".
Blakiston-Houston memoirs.59. 

Aboriginal guide to the first C.A.G.E. expedition from 25/07/30 to the end August 1930, Blakeley had permission from Carrington, the acting Government Resident, to acquire the services of an Aboriginal guide from Archie Giles, most of Giles men were out mustering at the time of the expeditions arrival at his station and the best Giles could offer was the assistance of Micky, a stockman in his mid forties of the Western Aranda people, Micky had worked for Giles for several years.

Micky was taller than usual for an Aranda and well conditioned with a handsome grey beard and ample good humour, he could speak English fairly well, having received some formal education from the missionaries at Hermannsburg and was a very strong man. However he had poor eyesight due to sandy blight (trachoma) and this concerned Blakeley who required a guide with an eye keen enough to follow the flight of the water flies and could read the tracks of birds and animals in their search for water.

Blakeley had no choice but to hire Micky, at least he knew something of the country west to the vicinity of Haasts Bluff and he would be useful in finding water and perhaps interpreting if other Aboriginals were met. Once the expedition travelled west of Mount Liebig, Micky was out of his 'country' and he stayed close by the men until his return to Giles station. He was unsure of his welcome from the Pintubi in the vicinity of Illbila. As events turned out Micky found it impossible to interpret the language of these people if indeed they were Pintubi.

Micky was a stalwart fellow and as Blakeley observed, probably the best value member of the expedition, he found water on occasions, interpreted tracks and the movement of wildlife, helped with the most arduous job on the trek, laying out the matting and he solved the problem of clearing the umbrella mulga from airstrips. Micky was held in high regard by the men and they missed his quick humour and sharp human observations when they parted company at Giles place in late August, but no bribe could induce Micky to return west with the expedition to 'myall country'. 


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