"I suppose this creek has a name".

See entry No. 4. Ai Ai Creek. Blakeley muses on the lack of birds and other water signs, "We saw none of these signs at "Taylor's Creek". I suppose this creek has a name but our maps did not show it, so we called it after Phil. It was of considerable size and flood marks showed that at times there were twenty feet of water flowing down its channel".

Considering the maps Blakeley and Lasseter were using the above supposition is not surprising, but Coote was using a common variation of the correct name by February 1934, surely Blakeley had read "Hells Airport" but did he really understand the implications for his 1937 manuscript. He is in an awkward position again and has to choose between acknowledging Coote's correct context as well as name and location of the creek, or stick with what he told the Baileys and Idriess. Blakeley's lack of field notes are starting to catch up with him.


  R.Ross. 1999-2006

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