"She is fit only for racing and stunting".

A supercharged Gipsy Moth that had flown the fastest time in the 1929 East-West air race. Coote thought it would be the ideal plane for the upcoming job in Central Australia, especially if the reef was found. The price was 750 pounds, Coote enthusiastically informed the Baileys that he had found a suitable aircraft, and it may be at about this time that Idriess came by the ultimately incorrect information that the Company had purchased the Black Hawk.

Coote mentioned to Charles Ulm that he was interested in purchasing Major DeHavilland's plane, Ulm firmly advised otherwise, pointing out that "a high compression job is essentially not a working outfit. She is fit only for racing and stunting", and he could expect problems with the wooden airframe warping in the heat of Central Australia. Ulm knew of a near new metal Gipsy Moth for sale that would be cheaper and more practical and arranged for C.A.G.E. to purchase Kenneth Wedgewood's DH60 Moth for 605 pounds, it was this plane that was named the Golden Quest.

R.Ross. 1999-2006

Coote E.H. Hell's Airport 47,50,51,55. Idriess Ion Lasseter's Last Ride 5.