"while the chippings left no doubt as to their occupation at the Warren".
Coote E.H. Hell's Airport 108.


This usually dry creek with headwaters in the vicinity of Mount Peculiar is the last major creek crossing before Illbilla. The first C.A.G.E. expedition arrived there on 03/08/30 and deeper into myall country'. Coote saw cause for concern and interest at the Warren.

He commented on that, "interesting exhibit of the desert the bean tree", and noted evidence of Aboriginals in the area, he saw chips and lengths of timber from recently felled trees scattered about, and decided the natives were making spears and boomerangs, "our natural conclusion was that these were for us".

The Aboriginals were probably making pitchis from the soft pithy timber until disturbed by two noisy vehicles and seven shouting swearing men, the Warren was fairly easily crossed and the expedition turned south west into sandhills and timber towards Mount Udor, "the going was exceptionally slow".


R.Ross. 1999-2006

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